Friday, July 27, 2007


It's here!!! It's finally here! I would LOVE to go see the movie today but I have lots o' work to do ....too much really. So, I am going to make a pledge right now, right here, in front of all of you. I hear by promise myself that this is the 2nd movie of the year that I WILL go see in the theater. The other movie I got to see this year was Harry Potter it was a birthday gift from EJ and Janet..Fab gift eh?!?!?! Which by the way IS an AWESOME movie!!!!

I do have INCREDIBLE news to announce very soon.......

Monday, July 23, 2007

Who doesn't like ice cream??

I had a an engagement session with Meghan and Jeff a while back and by a while I am talking about a few months ago!! I photographed their wedding on Saturday which by the way was FABULOUS!!

Look at how way cute they are!!!

I have an unrelated image to post. So those of you that follow my blog and blue worlds (I won't name names) know that we work together and I shot with them last weekend I think it was last weekend. :) I took the best shoe shot EVAR and had to share it.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sweet Amber

I have wanted to post about Amber and Brandons wedding for forever! I have liked Amber from the moment I met her. She has been so sweet and amazing! Her wedding was way back on May 12th.

I really love the John Oliver Micheal House in Watkinsville. I've had a few weddings there and have a wedding there this Saturday.

Here' the fabulously sweet Amber!

And the fabulous Brandon. I hope he is okay with me calling him fabulous. :)

Okay, so I am sure if you'll recall the weekend in May where it was torrential rain well let's call it what it was.... a typhoon. It was storming to the right of us all afternoon but was not raining which was great b/c we got a lot of formals done before the wedding started. About 30 or so minutes before the ceremony began it started storming. I have never been so impressed with a bride before. She was so calm and was pretty happy. There are moments that will stick with me for forever as some of the most emotional moments and this is one of them. Her brother was so wonderful and came to the room where we were to console her. This was the only time that she teared up. The ceremony was very emotional and you could absolutely feel the love in the room. It was like a scene from a movie everything was so perfect despite the rain and all you could feel was love.

I have to talk about this fabulous cupcake cake. Every once in a while I will eat some cake if there's some left over. I can admit. The red velvet cupcakes were haunting me with their amazing smell!! I had to have one and OH MY GOSH it was so yummmmyyyy! I have to give a thanks to Amber for the yummiest cupcake I have ever had!

Despite the rain everyone ended up having a blast!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!