Monday, June 29, 2009

Rob and Genevieve

Another couple that made the "best of" list this year! Congrats Genevieve and Robert. YOU ROCK!

They had a super great wedding at a beautiful venue called The McGarity house.

The brides room had this great old mirror. How could I not use it?

The ceremony was held under crab apple trees. It was fantastically awesome!

Genevieve is absolutely stunning. I absolutely loved photographing her.

These next three ....are well, my favorite images of a child from a wedding. She was super shy and then all the sudden noticed me and got closer and closer to me. And then as if she were say "TA DA! I made it to you" with arm stretched out in celebration of me taking her picture.

How awesomely awesome is this light?!?!!!

Robert loves cigars and had a theme going... He invited a super cool group of cigar aficionados.

Young Tony Soprano anyone?