Friday, May 15, 2009

Lacy and Rick

So, I might be breaking my own rules. I'm going to post pictures without a story!!! You guys.... let me tell you how awesome Lacy and Rick are. She was so incredibly sweet and calm despite the fact she had to change plans to see Rick before the wedding b/c of the rain threat. Then it did rain right when the ceremony was suppose to start. I'm normally super good about making rain go away or a storm turning into sprinkles (last weekend). I'm not sure what happened to my skills. It actually did not matter b/c the wedding was awesome! Anyway, I have never seen such a gracious, kind, willing to do anything couple and wedding party! Ya know I love it when couples let me do anything and give me complete creative freedom. The rain came in and left and quickly and the ceremony was filled with tears of joy. It was absolutely awesome.

I'm going to start with Steves images. :) The first two are right before the ceremony began and I absolutely love them!

I LOVE this moment he caught of them right after the first kiss.

And a few fancy formals....