Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun with Nick and Adair

Oh my gosh I had an absolute blast with Adair and Nick! I would say that our humor is very similar b/c well.... most of their photos are of them super smiley or laughing. I would have to say we were all on our funny game!

And then we tried a serious one and it worked for a second.... And then we all started laughing again.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I heart Drift wood beach at Jekyll Island ... again!

I just have one thing to say. Thanks so much Jessica and Dallas! You guys rock!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What I've been up to lately...

So, many weddings, engagement session and meetings! Oh my!

Okay so this was so hard but I have picked one image from every session/wedding lately so you can see what Steve and I have been doing. I have loved all my couples lately ... so fun and loving!

Starting back in July ... I'll start with cute little Hayley.

Ayn and Mike at State Botanical Gardens...

And Oh my goodness Kristen and Chris... Love them! I will have to a full blog post on them later. They had lots of great details!

Another super great couple Abby and Alex....

By the way again this is so hard to just pick one image!!!

Okay ... so, next Dominique and Dan. I'm posting 2 ... what? I can break my own rule...

Next up the great Ally Haggerty with Unforgettable Soirées

Next up Leecie and James... I know I know another 2 images. I will have to post more about their wedding as well! They also had super great details.

I am so excited about my new take on the traditional ring shot... What do you guys think?

This is actually going to sneak peak for Jessica and Dallas. This is from Jekyll Island at Drift wood beach. This was so super hard to pick one but here it is. There is going to be a huge post about their wedding. Fab location and couple!! Who I'm kidding I HAVE to post at least two!!

Another sneak peak from Nick and Elizabeth's engagement session. I cannot wait for their wedding! And to keep up with the changing trend of posting two...

One more sneak peak Jerrice and Richard's wedding was Saturday and well it was fab! You'll see why.... I will be doing a full post on them as well!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I heart Jekyll Island

I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at Jekyll Island! And I am headed back this weekend! Holly and Justin were great... Justin was so great he and his groomsmen climbed a tree. We were at the Beachview Club and the ceremony was held under a canopy of trees it was absolutely fab! Okay on to some photos.... I'll start with some photos of the location and ceremony.

The guys in the tree I was talking about.

Holly was a beautiful and great bride to photograph!

We didn't spend a lot of time on the beach but we did get a few images!

I loved their bobble head cake topper... How cute is that?

I loved the location and the reception tent was awesome!