Sunday, June 01, 2008

A little fun while moving!

Yep, I'm moving...only 15 miles away from where I am now but still it's a move. I'm so excited it's a super cute house in Walnut Grove...where you say is that? It's right by Loganville. I'm closer to Atlanta which makes me happy... a whole 15 miles or so.

So I will not have access to my email until Tuesday afternoon. The awesome cable company is only making me wait a day! How hard do they rock?!

Okay on to the fun stuff! These are from Jo and Evans wedding ... well the rehearsal. They had a casino night!

I'll start with an image of them at The Opera Club

I LOVED the inside of the club. The colors kept changing and it was awesome.

Yummy sandwiches!

The guys sang You've lost that love and feelin' to Jo and it was soooo great!