Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and part 1 of 4 or 5

It is going to be a great day I can feel it! The smell and sounds of coffee brewing, the thought of spending time with family and eating gud food!

Okay so maybe everyone might be doing a list of things they are thankful for and yes I'm going to do a short one as well but with a twist.

I AM THANKFUL TO BE ABLE TO DO WHAT I DO!! I am also thankful that Elizabeth and Peter are in my life! This is the first of 4 or 5 posts from St. Thomas.

Day one: Rehearsal and the view from our room. First the view from our room. It was awesome!!!

The rehearsal...

Wait till you see the image I got during the wedding.

The rehearsal dinner was at Herve and HOLY FREAKIN MOLY the food was amazing. The best ever! EVER I SAY!

First they had drinks out on the patio.

This is the fab view from the restaurant the ocean is to the left.

This is the most amazing appetizer I have ever had! Seriously! no Seriously! It is stuffed with portabello mushroom and some kinda yummy sauce and fancy yummy butter.

And a few cute pictures of them.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Amanda and Chad

This is about the fabulous couple that got married in South Carolina. There are so many pictures I would love to show you but alas I cannot. You can go to the client page to see all of them if you wish!

I'll start with a few of the lodge and surrounding area.

Some super great details.... I loved the details on her dress, shoes (they are blue), the "Playbill" (their program), the birdcage veil, and flowers!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! I love these first two images Steve took.

I also really love this moment. It happened when the musician was singing.

Um, so this is turning into a long post and there's a lot more to go... Holy Moly the formals and reception details. So, I'm gonna have to split it up. Why you ask? You just wanna see them all now? Well, what fun would that be? Too be continued..... ahem.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday night fun!

So, for the first weekend in forever I had a weekend off. Well, I do have sessions but no wedding. Ally and Eileen also had the weekend off. It was kinda weird I have to admit.

So, we went out with Ally and her husband Chris and Eileen and her husband Clay.... It was a total blast! First we went and had dinner and then went bowling! Oh, my gosh it was so much fun and here are some pics to prove it....

I'll start with some creative ones. This is Steve bowling.

They had these cool disco color balls so I had to use them. First up...Eileen and Clay

Ally and Chris...

And we danced, yes, that's right we danced to the Cha Cha slide (I cannot believe I just admitted that.)

More fun and stuff...

Steve might have been a little tired.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WOW Wow and wow!

So, um I'm back from St. Thomas and the best wedding ever! I so LOVE Elizabeth and Peter, their friends and family. OMG after the brunch on Sunday when we were saying goodbye as Steve and I walked away I started to tear up. I did not want to leave! It wasn't about leaving the island it but it was leaving them. I don't how to express or how to put it in words how wonderful everyone was! They made us feel part of the group and IT...WAS...AMAZING!!!! Okay I'm done with the sappy stuff. Ahem. So, do you wanna see some pictures? Do ya? Okay here ya go! Wow, it was hard to pick sneak peak pic's.

I'll start with one of Steve's.... yes... that's right awesomeness you get the first picture posted! I absolutely love this shot!

This was the view from Havana Blue where the reception was held.

So ya know I had to take advantage of the light.

The rest are a few from the day after/Trash the dress session. I am saving some of the best for later. This is just a teaser.

So these next few are the shot I got. Then Steve photographing the scene which I happen to be in.

And in this one I am only slightly wet.....

I LOVE this image of Elizabeth how gorgeous is she?

And um me getting soaked....

And one more...seriously these are not even the best of the best. I CANNOT wait to show you more.

Also, I had a wedding in SC mountains that was absolutely stunning and I have to show images from that in a few days! I'm luckiest gal around to be able to do what I do!!