Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eileen's 50!

I had so much fun last weekend at Eileen's (Disco) 50th birthday party.... And I just happen to have my camera with me. Surprised? I think not! Anyway here are some highlights of our fun!

I'll start with Eileen and her cigar... love this!

Clay, Eileen's husband is Doin' a little dance...

I was so glad to see that Reverend Deanna made it... LOVE her! And well ya know how much I Love Eileen and her cakes mmmmm ahem... on to the pics!

I absolutely love how silly, funny and cute Eileen and Clay are.

And a little YMCA anyone?

Please take note of the of the super hotness Steve (my second photographer and main squeeze). Look at that hair .... Oh yeahhhhh! lol

And, sigh... I'm going to post one of me. For those of you who know me personally know I'm a vegetarian well.... not that night....Just kidding. And yes, I am wearing a leopard patterned shirt...WHAT? What? It was a disco party. The reason why I am posting this pic (besides completely embarrassing myself) is April and Geoff in the background they are so cute.

Speaking of April and Geoff... She's an old friend I recently got in touch with and love her! It's so great to have her in my life again and her studly fiance' is fab! Can I call a guy Fab? Hmmmm Anyway they are going to have a powerhouse of a team for her wedding. With Eileen doing the cake, Ally Coordinating, Eric Little doing the video (just added) and well me by her side as her photographer and pal she is SET! I am really looking forward to her wedding!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Brittany and Jonathan

Brittany and Johnathan are one of those awesome couples that puts up with me saying.... it would be so great if you laid in this dirty rusty old print press in an old factory. I was so excited when they said yes to going and shooting at an old factory. We all got dirty and hopefully didn't get any sort of poisoning. haha No seriously it was great... and dirty as you'll see in the some of the photos. I also took another couple there as well! I'll post about them as soon as I get their story ... check back soon it's a super awesome session.

I absolutely love Brittany and Johnathan's story hopefully you will as well!

We met in Food's class in high school. He was a senior and I was a junior. As soon as we met it was obvious that we had crushes on each other. Everyone knew it, but nothing happened at first. We just kinda flirted and became good friends. I was actually dating one of his friends at the time, but I joked with our food's teacher about how I knew one day I was going to end up marrying him. Then when I was a senior we went on a few dates, but nothing serious happened. We stayed friends and kept in touch. During the summer after my first year of college, we ran into each other at a Weezer concert and ended up hanging out afterwards. We've been together ever since.
A week after he proposed, I got a friends request from our food's teacher on facebook and I was able to tell her that I'd been right all those years ago...I was going to marry him!

This first one is just one of the many super cool buildings we had to work with.

And this is the other side.

How cool is this spot?

I absolutely love these next few moments. The love and the silliness is too cute and how gorgeous is Brittany?!

These next shots were pretty much shot in the dark. The first one was so dark I had to use a light to focus and then turned it off to capture the cool color and the neat shadows on the wall.

The next ones were lit. I absolutely love them!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Richard and Jerrice

I'm super excited about photographing Jerrice and Richard's wedding at the Biltmore!

Jerrice and Rich met September 30, 2005 outside of a party in Midtown Atlanta. Both were out celebrating special occasions with their friends. Jerrice was celebrating her birthday a few days late and Rich was partying with his friends from OSU for Robert Frazier’s bachelor weekend. As they were both leaving for the night, an acquaintance of Rich’s randomly approached Jerrice and asked her if he could introduce her to someone. Jerrice said yes, and Rich’s friend then introduced them. As fate would have it from that first meeting, Jerrice and Rich have been courting ever since!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Calling all Trash the dress wanna beees

Wanna Trash your dress? Well. If you do ....The time is now! I am giving away a free session! I have a little bit more time left before the wedding season starts and I want to do a super creative TTD session at a local junk yard. Email me if you're interested. I would like to do it before the end of this month.

And what would a post be without photos. I have more stories and couples coming your way!

This is the FAB Erin and Blake! Love Them!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Some more pics

I waited for a car to drive by to get this shot. It's kinda fun.

And how could I not post a Life is good shot. I got this tire cover for Steve for Christmas.


I hope everyone is as giddy as I am about the snow! Here's a few shots I just took.

It's snowing really hard now so I'll be going out in a few minutes to take some more!