Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eileen's 50!

I had so much fun last weekend at Eileen's (Disco) 50th birthday party.... And I just happen to have my camera with me. Surprised? I think not! Anyway here are some highlights of our fun!

I'll start with Eileen and her cigar... love this!

Clay, Eileen's husband is Doin' a little dance...

I was so glad to see that Reverend Deanna made it... LOVE her! And well ya know how much I Love Eileen and her cakes mmmmm ahem... on to the pics!

I absolutely love how silly, funny and cute Eileen and Clay are.

And a little YMCA anyone?

Please take note of the of the super hotness Steve (my second photographer and main squeeze). Look at that hair .... Oh yeahhhhh! lol

And, sigh... I'm going to post one of me. For those of you who know me personally know I'm a vegetarian well.... not that night....Just kidding. And yes, I am wearing a leopard patterned shirt...WHAT? What? It was a disco party. The reason why I am posting this pic (besides completely embarrassing myself) is April and Geoff in the background they are so cute.

Speaking of April and Geoff... She's an old friend I recently got in touch with and love her! It's so great to have her in my life again and her studly fiance' is fab! Can I call a guy Fab? Hmmmm Anyway they are going to have a powerhouse of a team for her wedding. With Eileen doing the cake, Ally Coordinating, Eric Little doing the video (just added) and well me by her side as her photographer and pal she is SET! I am really looking forward to her wedding!

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