Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ashley and Micheal

This was one of my most fun weddings! The guys were fun as you'll see and the girls were absolutely fab! Ever since the wedding I have been chatting it up with her and her friends on Facebook. Anyway, as part of my new tradition of telling couples story here is theirs about how they met. Ashley and one of her friends were out playing this game called photo hunt (sounds awesome!). She couldn't figure out a photo and saw him walking with a friend so she asked for their help. They didn't see each other for a bit and then Micheal started working at the same place her girlfriends did. She went there a lot and they talked and after about three months he was working the door and said he was glad to see her and wanted her number! So, the next day he called and set up a date. They got ice cream, and hung out most of the day having fun and laughing non-stop (this does not surprise me they are SO fun!) And they have been together ever since!

The guys were also having a great time going to get pizza and playing football.

Okay, so those of you that know me know I can be um a little emotional and that I love my job. Right? Well, I have to admit that after this wedding I got a new perspective on shooting a wedding. I am going to be super honest here.... oh gosh! I have been very focused on formals lately and have grown to LOVE them. I feel I have lost a bit of the photo journalistic side of me. It all came back at this wedding. Since there was very limited time for formals I realized that the moments were more important and the memories were what took precedent in this wedding. The laughter and love was very present. So basically what I'm saying is for the first time I felt super free to focus on moments and emotion and I'm thankful for what they helped me remember.

The reception was awesome with tons of fun and awesome dancing!

I'm not a big fan of having my photo taken but Steve is getting me use to it. Anyway, Ashley and the girls wanted a picture with me so .....

I photographed two couples engagement pictures this weekend so look for those stories and photos! They were fab couples!