Thursday, May 07, 2009

Abagail and Bill

A perfect day... with great weather, venue, bride and groom and details.

I'll start with their proposal story.

Two big things happened on September 1, 2007, Georgia's first game of the season against Oklahoma ended in a victory for UGA and Bill proposed to me.

After five years of not taking a summer vacation, Bill and I finally decided to be brave and leave our two dogs for a week to go on a vacation to San Diego, California. Bill's high school friend Stephen was in the Navy out in San Diego, and we decided to go out there to visit him. Our first whole day in San Diego was spent sight-seeing, or at least that's what I thought we were doing. Apparently, Bill was really looking for a spot to propose to me. My favorite spot that I saw that day was Sunset Cliffs.

On September 1, our plan was to dress in our black and red outfits and find a bar in downtown San Diego to watch UGA's opening season game against Oklahoma. Leave it to a UGA fan to support the DAWGS even on vacation. Towards the end of the game, Bill saw that it was almost time for sunset. He quickly paid our bill at the bar and ran outside to hail a pedicab back to our hotel. Once back at our hotel, we hopped into our rental car and headed towards Sunset Cliffs. Bill wanted us to watch the sunset at my favorite spot. As sunset grew closer, our car started going faster. I told Bill "We can just watch the sunset tomorrow night." Bill yelled out "No! We're going to see it tonight!" Finally, we got to sunset cliffs. I found a spot on the rocks to sit on and watch the sunset. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see Bill get up and get down on his knee. He nervously reached into his pocket, pulled out a gray ring box, and asked me to marry him. I started crying and said "Of course I will." I quickly called Mom from my cell phone to tell her the awesome news. However, Mom already knew it was going to happen. Bill had asked my Mom and Dad for their permission to marry me before the trip. She even saw the ring after he bought it. Once we got back to the hotel, Bill had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room. A sweet end to the sweetest night.

They absolutely love their dogs and even included them in the wedding (it was a surprise). So, I am going to start the post off with pictures of Buffett and Hugo.
Meet Buffett.

And Hugo (the active pup)

Abigail and Bill got ready at their home. Bill upstairs in the "man den" and her downstairs doing make-up and hair. It was so cool to be able to photograph Bill playing with Hugo.

I love this image of Abigail putting on her make-up.

Some of my faves from the guys getting ready.

I absolutely loved her dress! It was her second choice and later Abigail revealed that her and her mom told each other that they knew I was going to love it when they got it! And Pink shoes! WOOHOO!

From the post below you know how gorgeous Abigail is so I thought I would post some of her handsome husband Bill. And the guys....

Bill was planning on surprising her at the ceremony by having the dogs be the ring bearers. It was absolutely perfect! AND the ever Awesome Reverend Deanna married Abigail and Bill.

So, um this is turning into a long post! Okay I'll try to pick less images but it's going to be difficult!

A few formals and then we'll move into the details. I may have to save the reception for another post...

The Details were fab and the flowers were outstanding. This is the first time I have worked with Heather with Stylish Stems and I would highly recommend her!