Monday, June 29, 2009

Rob and Genevieve

Another couple that made the "best of" list this year! Congrats Genevieve and Robert. YOU ROCK!

They had a super great wedding at a beautiful venue called The McGarity house.

The brides room had this great old mirror. How could I not use it?

The ceremony was held under crab apple trees. It was fantastically awesome!

Genevieve is absolutely stunning. I absolutely loved photographing her.

These next three ....are well, my favorite images of a child from a wedding. She was super shy and then all the sudden noticed me and got closer and closer to me. And then as if she were say "TA DA! I made it to you" with arm stretched out in celebration of me taking her picture.

How awesomely awesome is this light?!?!!!

Robert loves cigars and had a theme going... He invited a super cool group of cigar aficionados.

Young Tony Soprano anyone?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Brick Walls rock!

I am soooo loving my couples lately! This is going to brief b/c I am going to post about all these couples in the next few days. I have A LOT of processing to do!!!!!

Ahem, so first up is Ester and Matthew (they totally rock)!!

And Steve's image! How fab is this?! Watch out people he's getting super awesome!

And the ever super cute couple Melanie and Jeff! Their session was absolutely awesome!

So, welllll... I have never teared up three times at a wedding. I teared up so much at the end had to shake off the tears and keep shooting. Love love love Amy and Zack!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lindsey and John

Sneeeeaaaakkkkk Peak!

Lindsey and John are a super fun couple! We ended up having a lot in common.... Steve was there as my second photographer. He normally doesn't get to shoot engagement sessions with me so this was a special treat. We (well....John and Steve) talked football while Lindsey and I talked wedding details!

Okay with no more delay here are some of my faves of the day:

They brought a football with them and I caught them tossing it around and just being cute with each other...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Avery is one!! You may remember her 3 months photos ... here

I just HAD to post this sneak peak image of her! Okay maybe two.

Disclaimer: no babies were harmed in making the above photo.... mom was holding baby while hiding.

Beth and Evan

Beth and Evan are one of my favorite couples this year! I am so looking forward to their wedding.

Beth emailed me their engagement story and for the engagement session we went back to the place where they got engaged. It was so super cool!

Evan and I got engaged at Calloway Garden's on October 25th. We spent all day walking around the gardens and enjoying the beautiful fall day. Later in the afternoon he surprised me with a full body massage while he got to watch the UGA vs LSU football game. Before dinner we decided to take a walk around the Lodge and Spa where we were staying. Evan proposed right before dinner on the beach by our hotel. That night we celebrated with an amazing dinner and enjoyed the rest of the night! It was perfect!