Monday, October 01, 2007

Big day out...

I got an official day off and this is what I did.....

Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a while. It started out like any other morning except I had a craving for waffle house and wanted coffee from Starbucks with my best friends Janet and Ej. Then as we were sitting outside enjoying the most beautiful day I exclaimed LET'S GO SHOOT!! We always talk abut it shooting for ourselves but we never do and what a perfect day. So, with our bellies stuffed we headed downtown to see what we could find.

This is the start to our big day out.

We all had one lens we could shoot with and one we hardly ever use. So we started out shooting the same things.

This one is taken by EJ.

Okay and this one too...I LOVE this!!!

These are mine.

When I first starting taking pictures my favorite thing to photograph was architecture. So it was awesome to be able to find a place with such amazing lines and light.

We stopped at a place that was an old factory that was being turned into lofts. Hopefully I will be living in one of these soon or we will have a studio in here.

This is where I got to really have fun and I might have ...maybe...been planning this shot from the beginning.....I asked Ej to sit first and then told J to put her camera down and sit beside him with her back to his shoulder. The kiss and smile happened all by itself. I have to say this is my favorite shot by far. I was so excited to capture their love for each other.