Friday, August 14, 2009

Eva and Eric

I have been so excited and waited in anticipation for what seemed like forever for their wedding. It finally arrived less than two weeks ago! I am also looking forward to their day after session at my new fave spot the old factory.

I absolutely had a blast photographing her at a salon in Athens.

Have I mentioned I love shoes? If not.... I LOVE, HEART, LOVE SHOES!

So, excuse me while I brag for a second. After she got finished putting her shoes on she started to drop her dress and I caught this image and I love it.... okay I'm done bragging.

These images were taken by Steve. I just love Eva and Eric's colors.

We were very lucky in that there was a car show going on by the church and ... um ...

Oh wait a second!!!!!! I HAVE to show you their first kiss...

My image ... I love the shadow behind them!

And all I can say is wow Steve J. you ROCKED the house with these next two images.

Okay, now onto the cars.

Steve took this one... how much does it rock!?