Friday, August 14, 2009

Eva and Eric

I have been so excited and waited in anticipation for what seemed like forever for their wedding. It finally arrived less than two weeks ago! I am also looking forward to their day after session at my new fave spot the old factory.

I absolutely had a blast photographing her at a salon in Athens.

Have I mentioned I love shoes? If not.... I LOVE, HEART, LOVE SHOES!

So, excuse me while I brag for a second. After she got finished putting her shoes on she started to drop her dress and I caught this image and I love it.... okay I'm done bragging.

These images were taken by Steve. I just love Eva and Eric's colors.

We were very lucky in that there was a car show going on by the church and ... um ...

Oh wait a second!!!!!! I HAVE to show you their first kiss...

My image ... I love the shadow behind them!

And all I can say is wow Steve J. you ROCKED the house with these next two images.

Okay, now onto the cars.

Steve took this one... how much does it rock!?


Eva said...

SHANNON YOU ARE AMAZING! I had to shout that. I have just spent the last 2 hours looking at your photographs. I've been grinning,tearing up and laughing at all the great images. You and Steve ROCK you totally captured every moment. Thank you so much!

kelly bell said...

hannon! you are the most amazing wedding photographer! These are some really amazing photographs. LOVE the shoes and jewelry shots... love the shadow first kiss shot, love all of the car shots, in fact i have yet to see one that i have not absolutely LOVED... TRULY TRULY AMAZING! I can't wait to see your factory shots...
it was great meeting you... I am about to link your blog and keep up with all of your work!
Kelly "MOH"

kelly bell said...

Eva and Shannon,
I too have been looking at pics for two hours... but I am at work! eeep. hehehe they are too good to stop looking... really great work, amazing photgrapher and amazing model! best wedding EVER... so glad I was a part of it!