Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sneak Peak

I had to post this picture of Abigail because she is so gorgeous!

There's a ton of fab details from her wedding and some fantastic formals! I have to finish their wedding first though.... almost done!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tricia and Jeff

What can say about a couple who let's me do whatever! Ya know I have mad love for those couples! I am going to post their story but before I do I want to post this image. I found this super cool room in that old factory I'm shooting in more and more. WOOHOO! I didn't see that space before and wow it made for a super cool shot!

I totally could not decide which one image to post so here's both!

I think Tricia looks absolutely gorgeous in these next two and yes Jeff looks great as well :)!

Well peeps I'm off to a wedding later today! Have a great weekend I'm going to be super duper busy!

Oh my gosh I almost forgot their story and it's so awesome! Here's her story.

Jeff and I have been together 10 years, so in that amount of time, I'm sure you can imagine all the times that I wondered, is this going to be the time he asks me??

Right before Christmas, he asked me if I wanted to take a trip in February, so in the back of my mind I thought, oh, could that be when he proposes? A week before Christmas we went to the Melting Pot. I just thought he had gotten a craving because we love the melting pot and usually go once a year.

I was trying to decide what to wear and mentioned something about jeans, and he said no jeans. I thought that was a little odd, but really didn't think a whole lot about it. He said it was a celebrating Christmas dinner.Anyway, so we get to the restaurant and we have this in very back table w/ a dozen roses and rose petals scattered all over. I thought, "how pretty!" and he said merry Christmas and some other stuff...can't really remember everything. The waiter asked if we were celebrating anything special and he said, "no just Christmas."

I was just asking him a bunch of questions on how the flowers got there and all that and he said, well I spoke to your father the other day...and that's where it all kind of went blank...I know he doesn't just chat w/ my dad. I even had to ask on the car ride home, now what exactly did you say?? He pulled out the ring and said that he had asked my father if we had his blessings and would I marry him. Seriously, after he said that about my father, I thought, wait...is this what i think it is??? and finally it was!! :)

How awesome is that story! I hope you guys are liking reading about my couples. They are so awesome!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Luke and Amber

Luke and Amber's first date took place in a Canoe on the Chattahoochee river. Luke an avid outdoorsman and had paddled and fly fished more than 15 years and was excited to share this with Amber and she was excited as well!

The date took place in 2006. The date was going pretty well, stopping along the way so Luke could fish. Then he decided to tie the boat off at a huge rock, fish and let her sit on the rock and enjoy the sunshine. Well they began approaching the rock and on the right side of the rock the water was about a foot deep but on the left side of the rock there was a steep drop with trees that had fallen into the water and some pretty fast moving water. Luke told her to stand up in the canoe and put her foot on the rock, she did not want any part of this. So she said just take the boat to the right side of the rock and I'll step out and walk over. Luke refused and asked her to do it again. The boat suddenly got caught in a current and swung around and they were headed for the drop off. Amber fell out of the canoe into the 45 degree water and as she came up for air, what did Luke yell at her? Grab the fishing rods! So she grabbed them as they floated by and threw them to him. Luke was safe in the boat but he did lose his ore, she had the other one. So there Luke is going down the river, literally without a paddle, all the while yelling to Amber don't move I’ll come get you. Luckily a kind kayaker had grabbed Luke's paddle and brought it to him.

Luke comes to get Amber out of the waist deep freezing river, and the boat is half full of water. As they floated down the river in complete silence Amber cannot wait to get to her car so she never has to see Luke again, and all Luke can think about is how upset he is that he has never flipped his canoe!

Months went by and they would exchange occasional emails, with time laughing about the date and deciding to at least be friends. In December of 2006 Luke called Amber out of the blue to apologize. They talked that night, but nothing came of it as Amber was leaving to go on Christmas Break. Finally in March of 2007 destiny would take its course. Amber was looking for a new car and it happened to be right down the road from where Luke was working. Amber stopped by his shop hoping he could knew where the car place was. He did, and as she was leaving he asked if she wanted go to dinner. They went to dinner that night and Luke says he knew he would spend the rest of his life with her, and now they are married 3 years after that fateful first date!

The wedding day was filled with emotion and fun! As you can see in these photos! I'll start with the ceremony. I love the Luke is excited about seeing Amber walk down the isle!

And I love the moment Steve caught after the ceremony.

Now on to reception fun!

I love these shots of the fishing dance... not sure what it's called..

Back to more fun!

And I'll end with another one of Steve shots. Love it! It's after the moment after the garter removal.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shoes glorious shoes!

I love Johnie's shoes and had to show them off.

Some more shoes that totally rocked were Amber's I love the trend putting beads on the bottom of the shoe!

I have been informed that a few of my brides have different colored shoes...so watch for those images!

Oh and thanks for all who responded about my new logo!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Calling of my brides....

Who have blogs or websites. If you would like to help inspire other brides, show or share how fab your wedding is going to be send me an email. I'll link up your site/blog to my blog! I've already posted two brides blogs to the right..... check them out!

Also, Thanks for all the feedback on my new logo and front page! You guys rock!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I just had a great engagement session at my new fave place.... the warehouses (location is a secret) hehe.

Just a quick note about the amazing Eileen Carter! We went out to lunch the other day with Ally and Eileen made us the most AMAZINGLY YUMMAY cookies! Here's a few pictures of the few that were left... well until a few minutes ago.

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Logo and Splash page!

I am happy to say that I have a new logo and new look to my site and to my blog! Jonathan, one of my grooms this year, is a graphic artist and offered to design a logo for me. I totally love Brittany and Jonathan and am so glad I get to photograph their big day!

Please feel free to leave me feedback about the splash page (the first page you see when go to website.) I can't decide if I like it and since I love all my peeps I would love to hear your opinions...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Last night!

Amber and Luke are going to have a perfect wedding today! The weather and location are fab!

I went to the rehearsal dinner last night and these are a few images that stood out...

I am going to start with a strange one but I just love it! I love the way the bow bouquet and her hair are blowing in the wind.

Her and her dad walking down the isle..

I love how cute they are looking at each other!

Gotta love the cool light!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Erin and Blake

The eversofabulous (Yeah. I combined 3 words...what??) couple Erin and Blake. They got married back in Feb on Valentines day in fact! It was a great way to spend the day!

Erin was happy to share her story of how they got engaged.

Blake asked me to marry him on April 11th 2008. I flew up to N.C. one weekend on a Friday and on Saturday we went to a beach party his platoon was having before they deployed to Iraq. He decided that we should take a walk on the beach. Well still being April it was really windy and still kind of cold. We walked a good ways and we found little rocks to write in the sand with and wrote funny, cute messages to each other until i finally told him my ears were freezing and i was ready to go back. Blake got this look and said "no no no no! not yet!" i was like why?? lol.. So he bent down and the rock he was using and wrote "Erin will you marry me?" in the sand. Of course I said yes and the planning of the wedding started! He deployed to Iraq on April 21st 10 days later so the wedding planning was pretty much left up to me. But to this day I still have the rock he wrote with! So that's the story of Blake and I...

They got married at The Atrium in Norcross.

I love that her shoes had hearts on them... how fun is that?

The wedding was late in the evening and the formals were suppose to be outside and it was um dark... to say the least. The venue was awesome though in the way that they had what I call (and most photographers) twinkly lights aka Christmas lights. And they were fab!

And again YAY for twinkly lights!

I love this image that Steve got after the ceremony.

Some of my fav images of a first dance....

Cigars anyone?

The wedding season has officially started. With two this weekend and 29 more. Holy Moly it's going to be a great year!