Friday, April 24, 2009

Tricia and Jeff

What can say about a couple who let's me do whatever! Ya know I have mad love for those couples! I am going to post their story but before I do I want to post this image. I found this super cool room in that old factory I'm shooting in more and more. WOOHOO! I didn't see that space before and wow it made for a super cool shot!

I totally could not decide which one image to post so here's both!

I think Tricia looks absolutely gorgeous in these next two and yes Jeff looks great as well :)!

Well peeps I'm off to a wedding later today! Have a great weekend I'm going to be super duper busy!

Oh my gosh I almost forgot their story and it's so awesome! Here's her story.

Jeff and I have been together 10 years, so in that amount of time, I'm sure you can imagine all the times that I wondered, is this going to be the time he asks me??

Right before Christmas, he asked me if I wanted to take a trip in February, so in the back of my mind I thought, oh, could that be when he proposes? A week before Christmas we went to the Melting Pot. I just thought he had gotten a craving because we love the melting pot and usually go once a year.

I was trying to decide what to wear and mentioned something about jeans, and he said no jeans. I thought that was a little odd, but really didn't think a whole lot about it. He said it was a celebrating Christmas dinner.Anyway, so we get to the restaurant and we have this in very back table w/ a dozen roses and rose petals scattered all over. I thought, "how pretty!" and he said merry Christmas and some other stuff...can't really remember everything. The waiter asked if we were celebrating anything special and he said, "no just Christmas."

I was just asking him a bunch of questions on how the flowers got there and all that and he said, well I spoke to your father the other day...and that's where it all kind of went blank...I know he doesn't just chat w/ my dad. I even had to ask on the car ride home, now what exactly did you say?? He pulled out the ring and said that he had asked my father if we had his blessings and would I marry him. Seriously, after he said that about my father, I thought, this what i think it is??? and finally it was!! :)

How awesome is that story! I hope you guys are liking reading about my couples. They are so awesome!


Tricia said...

got the disk yesterday too! i absolutely love them! you did an amazing job! thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Tricia does look absolutely gorgeous in them. (Oh and Jeff too...LOL)