Monday, November 17, 2008

Amanda and Chad

This is about the fabulous couple that got married in South Carolina. There are so many pictures I would love to show you but alas I cannot. You can go to the client page to see all of them if you wish!

I'll start with a few of the lodge and surrounding area.

Some super great details.... I loved the details on her dress, shoes (they are blue), the "Playbill" (their program), the birdcage veil, and flowers!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! I love these first two images Steve took.

I also really love this moment. It happened when the musician was singing.

Um, so this is turning into a long post and there's a lot more to go... Holy Moly the formals and reception details. So, I'm gonna have to split it up. Why you ask? You just wanna see them all now? Well, what fun would that be? Too be continued..... ahem.

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