Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tessa and Derek

I have started including engagement sessions in all packages because 1. it really allows us all to get to know one another 2. the couple (by couple I mean the guy) can get past the nervousness of being in front of the camera 3. heck and cause it's just FUN! This is one of those couples where we had a lot of fun and laughed during their engagement session but as soon as I would start taking pictures Derek would stop smiling. I did manage to get some with him smiling! On the wedding day it was completely different he was so at ease and it was like we were all old friends. I even got him to do a few odd poses! WOOHOO!

I'll start with some funny moments while Tessa was getting ready....

When I was taking this photo one of the flower girls said she's taking a picture of your butt! We all started laughing and it was really cute!

One of the flower girls said she had a picture like that on her wall but there was a bunny by the shoes. Then she asked if I took the picture. I had a poster like that when I was little but it was ballerina shoes and a kitten!

This was during the formals and we were waiting for a bridesmaid to return and I noticed these little fellas chillin' Way cute!

I had so much fun at their wedding and they are such a great couple!

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