Monday, October 30, 2006

Bill and Erins excellent reception adventure!

Bill and Erins wedding was on October 14th (yes I am a little behind) It was a great fall day and amazing outside!

I am going to have to skip the whole day and go straight to the reception and there will actually be 2 posts ........

They had their reception at Atlanta Womens Club in Atlanta..and I totally love this venue!

The evening began with Erins dad introducing them.

Lauren was upstairs with them and got this cool shot of Erin before they came down the stairs.

Apparently Bill really likes Morrissey (I do to..and who doesn't ok I don't know a lot of people who do) anyway...Erin had asked the band to play I am the Sun I am the Air.

I love this look on Bills face did wha? are you serious?

Oh yeah, who rocks? Erin rocks!

And Bill rocks!

And you may want to find out what happened when they played My Sharona.....

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