Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Whitney And Jordon

So, I have fallen behind in posting about all the amazing, fabulous, wonderful couples I have photographed lately! Where do I start? Do I pick out my favs from all the weddings and put them in one post and by the way I have tried that but there are too many images..... toooo many! I also considered doing a cute one-liner post...for example shoes, details, formals....etc. So see this is my dilemma. Too many awesome couples .......what am I going to do? Well I'll tell ya! I am going to post about each fabulous couple! yes some well most of them got married back in April but it's never too late to post right?

Okay so I am going to start with Whitney and Jordon's Wedding. Their wedding was at the John Oliver Micheal House and as always it's fantastic there.

I'll start with shoes yes shoes. I loved her shoes b/c they tied at the ankle. How way cute is that?

Do remember that super cold freezing weekend in April? It was on their weekend and it was an outdoor wedding. I must say that Whitney was amazing and did not let the weather get her down! Look at how happy she is!!!

Here are the guys lookin' cool but not cold.

They seriously had so much and have I mentioned how I LOVE tents! The light is fantastic!

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