Thursday, August 31, 2006

Project Runway and Janet

So, I never watched this show until my friend Janet told me about it and now I am so hooked! Don't tell anyone but, I think my boyfriend secretly likes it! He says he tolerates it but, he always watches it with me pretending not to like it. haha

I REALLY want Jeffrey kicked off for his attitude he may be a good designer but, in my book that's not good enough! I loved Uli's dress and I would totally wear it and Michael what can you say about him except he's great and from GA!

This is one of many shows I am now addicted to. I can't wait for LOST, The Office (love the office), and My name is Earl. If you love the office as much as I do you should checkout these clips. They may have a commercial before it plays.

Office 1

Office 2

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