Thursday, August 02, 2007

My first teaser and plug

I photographed the coolest wedding a few weeks ago. It was a French and American wedding. Instead of the wedding traditions that we are used to. They had skits, songs, and after they cut the cake the wedding party served the guests. I thought this was such a wonderful touch to the reception.

I love when couples see each other before the ceremony. We had extra time to do formals. Here are some of my fav's.

As we were walking down to this cool wall of evergreen trees we walked by this small opening and it was this hidden old broken down building. I HAD to get shots in there. I think everyone thought I was crazy and thought it was really great!

And this is the spot I asked her to climb through. Courtney took this shot.

I love this shot of them at the reception. I'll show more of the reception later it was a fabulous.

So on to the plug.....Fox 5 news has a best of/what's hot in Atlanta and they have a wedding section. It just so happens that I am listed and also my fabulous pals Blue World Studios. So that's the plug to vote us and other fabulous vendors such as Carla with On Occasions, Event Perfect, Lee Epting, Tamela with Southern Bouquets and other fabulous vendors!!!!!

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