Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Megan And BJ

I have sooooo been looking forward to posting about their wedding! I was able to have extra time for formals and I totally love more time to be creative!

First I'll start with an image of the two of them right after they got married riding in the limo.
These next two have got to be some of my favorite pictures from the day. This is right before we started the formals.
All the girls were taking off their heels and well hello how could you not take a picture of the shoes!! This by the way is one of those times when I say I know this looks super strange as I am laying down on the grass... but just wait till you see the picture!! I might even be a little giddy while saying it!!
I love these pictures of Megan and BJ.

I might have said this before but I love it when I can use the Dj's lights.

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