Friday, January 23, 2009

Heather and Ronnie

Hi All,

So this year I am incorporating a new type of post about couples. I am going to post stories of how couples met and got engaged. A little get to know my fab couples post!

My first couple up is Heather and Ronnie and she choose to tell me how they met and this is their story.

Heather and a friend went to her old job (Diggers) for some cocktails and with the intent on going to the hockey game with a fairly large group of people. We were trying to figure out who was going to ride with who, and we finally figured out that my friend and I were going to have to squeeze into a little Honda Accord with about 8 people...haha... so we were preparing to either be crammed like sardines or drive ourselves. We started heading out of Diggers and I hear blaring, loud, piped roaring music.... with a total of three guys in a truck. The driver yelled "Why don't ya ride with us to the hockey game." So without thinking... we got into the truck (probably not very smart!).... On the way we had the windows down and the music blasting and all I could look at is the guy driving! By the time we got there it was about time for the hockey game to start so everyone headed that way. We all purchased tickets from the nosebleed section and started to the seats. There were about 20 of us, so of course I'm sure you can imagine that was a long trip.. with beverage and food vendors EVERYWHERE. If you did not realize this by now..Ronnie (now my husband was the driver of the truck). Everyone made it to their seats and I got a seat next to my friend and a guy that I had worked with.... we were having soo much fun. Then a few of us left for moment to get some drinks and when I got back I decided to mingle... a couple of rows up. Well bout 2 minutes later the guy that drove me walked up and looked at me...with his hair spiked up and his Kiss T shirt on... and sat down.. apparently I was in his seat...(like I didn't know!) haha So he sat next to me and we started talking and talking and talking.. "He was the man of my dreams!" After that night we have been inseparable.. and we both knew we would be together forever! Now we are husband and wife and have a little baby girl.. and we are the happiest family in the world!

How cute is that story! I would love to see what he looked like with spiked hair! I totally LOVED their family and friends. It was seriously an awesome wedding. Okay with no more delay here are some pics! They again were up for any suggestions I had for formals and well... I must say these are some of my fave images. I know, I know I say that almost every post. :)

It was REALLY hard to pick which ones to post so um. There are 11 in the post. The first is just a super cute image of them.

And the funky ones!

And here's a fun twist to the traditional shot of the bridesmaids with the groom and vise versa.

Okay so these next two are not formals just a moment between the two of them and their super cute daughter!

And um one more.... This is her and her dad walking down the isle and I absolutely LOVE the light. And uh huh I planned it! It's not a happy accident.

Like I said before I absolutely loved being a part of thier wedding and am so thankful Summer referred them to me!

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