Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Jordon and Mike

I cannot say enough about them! They are super awesome and again let me do anything I wanted... as you'll see in the photos. I'm so excited b/c in a few months I get to see this awesome family again!! I am photographing her sisters wedding as well. YAY!

They got married at The Day Chapel in State Botanical Gardens. This is one of my favorite location pictures.

If you look at my blog often you might have seen Jordons dress hanging in the trees well.... here are her shoes.

Formals, formals and more formals. The first is from outside the Day chapel. The rest are from some areas around Athens. They planned an hour and half to go to the Arches, the stadium and any where else I wanted to go. Aaannndddd we did find a few extra spots that I HAD to photograph.

I'm still going to post the Day after session and the reception from St Thomas . Also, I have an engagement session galore post I'm working on!



The photo of the bride and groom standing on the train tracks...with the rocks...love it!!

Once A Bride said...

Great shots!!