Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kristin and Chris

What can say about on of my cutest couples? I feel lucky to be a part of their day! I met them at another wedding Ceili and Brian and that was an awesome wedding!

Keeping up with the theme of telling you a bit about my Brides and Grooms here's their engagement story.

While on a mountain weekend trip with a group of friends, Kristin and Chris were playing one of their favorite games. After playing with another couple, Chris asked Kristin to stay outside to practice. After tossing a few bean bags, Chris tossed a one right to her. Surprised, she caught it and noticed some writing on it. It said "Will You Marry Me?" Before she knew what was happening he was down on one knee with a ring!


Ceili said...

Aw, I love the pictures! Can't wait to see you at their wedding. You know I brag about you to everyone. :) Hope you're doing well. -Ceili Cascarano

Ellie said...

Very Sweet shoot! Where are you located, in Ga? I am in Augusta.

Shannon Wright said...

Thanks! Yes, I'm near Atlanta.